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"In Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Vicky Spring Love presents one of the most profound, yet simple approaches to this essential subject.... I encourage anyone who wants to have a fundamental perspective of the issue of finances to peel the wisdom from these pages and experience the fruitful life and prosperity that results from applying these time-tested precepts of God."
Dr. Myles Munroe, Best-Selling Author and Speaker
"Wow!!! Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul is a hidden gem. The way in which Vicky blends the Scriptures with real life principles and practices is masterful. I found myself highlighting about 80% of the book; the information was so profound and fruitful. Vicky, you nailed it!"
Ken Brown
Award-winning author of A Leap of Faith
McDonalds Franchise Owner
"In Changing Your Money Mindset, Dr. Love does a masterful job of challenging the reader to break free from their self-imposed prison of a poverty mindset by transforming their thinking to receive the prosperity of God in every area of life. ... The book dispels myths of what true prosperity is, and takes you on a 21-day journey designed to transform your thinking and build your faith. It is a must read during these current economic times."
One Voice Magazine
Are You in Position for Prosperity?
We need to be in the right position to receive Godís prosperity. The right position means being in the right place at the right time so the blessings of God can flow in your life. God designed you for a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. When you have discovered your purpose and are operating in it, then Godís financial resources will flow to you to allow you to fulfill your assignment.

There is also a divine timing to your life. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, ďTo every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.Ē We need to always be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit so that we will know our season. To go forward in your purpose before your divine timing can bring destruction; to go forward in your purpose after your timing can cause you to miss your season all together.

Donít Settle for Less
God had promised the Israelites real estate, a land flowing with milk and honey, pomegranates, grapes and blessings. To receive their blessing, they had to cross over the Jordan River and take possession of it. Two of the tribes of Israel, Reuben and Gad, didnít want to go. In Numbers chapter 32, they begged Moses to let them settle on the east side of the Jordan because they had cattle and too much stuff to cross the river. Basically, their material things were more important to them than obeying the voice of God so they settled for less than Godís blessing for their lives.

Hundreds of years later, the descendants of the tribe of Gad encounter the powerful healing ministry of Jesus Christ in Mark chapter 5. Instead of receiving the long-anticipated Messiah, they tell him to get out of town because their pigs got destroyed when Jesus cast the demons out of a man. The decision of their ancestors had become a generational curse because they too were more interested in their material possessions than obeying God.

Find Your Position
What about you? Where does God want you to be? I urge you to prayerfully seek Godís will for your life. If God is telling you to start your own business, then do the research, get the experience, and go for it! If He is telling you to seek a promotion on your job, then apply it. If God is telling you to launch into a full-time ministry position, then that is where He will bless you.

Do what God is telling you to do and the blessings will follow! God will always provide all the financial resources you need to meet your needs, your assignment and your ability to manage it.